About ReJoyce Physiotherapy

Our aim is to inspire and help people be the healthiest version of themselves! We will help you become injury free, healthier, happier, move better and feel better.

3 reasons you should choose ReJoyce Physiotherapy:

  1. We spend 45 minutes with each patient.
  2. We see a limited number of patients daily and weekly so we give our best to each patient.
  3. We look at each person holistically. You are not just another number when you attend our clinic.

This results in more time, more energy and 100% focus on you! Therefore, getting you back to full health in the quickest time frame possible.

ReJoyce Physiotherapy is a chartered physiotherapy service with all physiotherapists being members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). All Physiotherapists are specialised in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (BSc, MSc) and are accredited by the International Federation of Manipulative Therapists (IFOMPT) .

We provide a 1 to 1 physiotherapy session specific to each person to help them reach their goals whether it is playing inter-county football or the ability to walk pain-free. https://rejoycephysiotherapy.setmore.com/

Our service includes a detailed history and physical exam. From this, we will provide you with a specific diagnosis and exactly what needs to be done to get you back on track regarding your health. Treatment varies with every person and can involve education, goal setting, dry needling, exercise prescription, manual & massage therapy, taping and sports injury therapy. For more information – see services provided.

Others services include:

Health Coaching session 1 to 1 for 60mins. https://rejoycephysiotherapy.setmore.com/

Corporate wellness – contact for details.

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